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Give muscle pain the old heave ho!

Suffering from Arthritis or Stiff, Achy Muscles?

Almost everybody has experienced discomfort in their muscles at some point in time. While many seem to think it occurs only in older adults it is becoming increasingly more prevalent in teenagers and young adults as well. Tension-filled jobs, rigorous sports practice, or a day of yard work can all lead to an achy body.

People who experience muscle aches can usually pinpoint the cause rather easily:​​

  • Overusing muscle during physical activity

  • Increased stress or tension at work (or life in general!)

  • Injuring a muscle when engaging in physically demanding work or exercise

Muscle aches generally respond well to home treatment. You can relieve muscle discomfort from injury and overuse by:

  • Resting the area of body that is experiencing the pain

  • Applying ice to affected area to relieve pain and reduce inflammation

  • Gently stretching muscles

  • Avoiding high impact activities until pain goes away

  • Applying an aid to relieve pain and help reduce inflammation

  • Getting a massage to help relieve stress and rehabilitate sore muscles

Muscle aches are not always harmless, and in some cases home treatment is not enough to fully address the injury. You should consult your physician for:

  • Pain lasting more than a few days

  • Severe pain that arises without a clear cause

  • Muscle pain occurring with a rash

  • Muscle pain after a tick bite

  • Pain occurring soon after a change in any medication

  • Pain with an elevated temperature

Sore muscles may not be totally avoidable, but can be minimized if you:

  • Stretch before engaging in any physical activity or workout

  • Include a warm up and cool down period in all exercise sessions

  • Stay hydrated! The average person should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. Remember 8x8!

  • Engage in regular exercise to promote overall muscle tone

  • Get up and stretch regularly throughout the day, particularly if you work at a desk or in an environment that has increased stress or tension.

Looking for a natural aid to relieve pain? Our light, warm, fragrant blend helps your body recover and revitalize after a long day, strenuous workout, or maybe overdoing it with yard work. The combination of organic butters, certified therapeutic grade essential oils, and pure menthol make our Revitalize Pain Cream a wonderful alternative to synthetic products.

Muscle aches and pains are a part of life, but with a little extra care you can minimize their impact!

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