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Skeptical about essential oils? I was too!

Essential oils are natural, concentrated oils meticulously extracted from a plant in its purest form and offer a natural remedy for many every day health issues and household dilemmas.

Perhaps you’ve heard about them in conversation, seen something on the internet, or know of a friend who uses them. But you don’t really know what they are or what they do. That was me nearly five years ago. I’m still no expert, yet over the years I have made it a priority to learn a lot about the benefits of the oils, how to use them, which ones are my favorites, and most importantly how to conveniently use them in my every day routine.

My first introduction to the oils was at a networking luncheon. A fellow member is a yoga instructor and uses the oils in her classes. She brought Frankincense to share and placed a couple drops in our hands. She told us to gently inhale the aroma as she spoke about the oil and its healing properties. (And if you know your bible, you know Frankincense was one of the three gifts from the wise men and, well, that’s good enough for me!) I remember leaving that meeting very calm and very peaceful. (I was having minor surgery the following day, and had been rather apprehensive about it. My friend, having shared Frankincense, an oil that would calm me, was greatly appreciated. And honestly to feel that calm was rather unexpected and a pleasant introduction to essential oils.)

Not long after that meeting I was approached by Michelle, a family friend, who had a tremendous experience with the oils and was actively involved in educating and sharing the oils. She told me about the debilitating migraines she had suffered for most of her life, and how the oils not only eased the pain but eliminated the migraines altogether. She went from spending $400+ per month on a pain prescription to using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils – at a fraction of the cost and all natural! She has not filled her prescription since using the oils. That’s a very powerful endorsement! My interest peaked. Soon she was on a plane to Texas and I was hosting an essential oils class in my home.

After hearing Michelle’s story, learning about the oils and sampling the aromas, many of the guests that evening were signing up to receive their enrollment kit of oils. Some really great oils too – Frankincense, Lavender and Chamomile to name a few! It was fun to see the energy as a group of women eagerly searched our Modern Essentials User Guide to look up which oil would help a specific ailment. Who knew that rubbing Lavender, Marjoram or Thyme on the bottoms of your feet can help eliminate snoring? Or that Wild Orange helps you stay focused and can ward off the 2:00 PM workday doldrums? We all learned a lot that evening!

As with many things in life, excitement wanes. And truth be told, about half of those that received a kit that night probably went home and set their oils on a shelf. Or in the pantry. Left untouched to collect dust. The other half of the group regularly use the oils, and enthusiastically share with me the oils they like best, and how the oils have changed their family’s life. (How awesome is it to go from treating your child’s allergies with synthetic, over-the-counter pills to using a natural oil – and with better results? I think most moms would agree that’s pretty fantastic!)

My journey with the essential oils has simply been to use and enjoy the oils. I am not a sales person. I couldn’t sell water in the Sahara! I like to talk so it’s easy to share my experience with others much like I might share how wonderful the service was at my local nail salon, or how my dentist takes extra time with me to address concerns. Would I love for everyone to have the same amazing experience with the oils? Of course! Do I think that’s realistic? Probably not. We all move to the beat of our own drum, and respond to different things. That’s what makes this world so interesting. I do have faith, however, that more often than not people will find that essential oils really are a great alternative to man-made, synthetic products and are a wonderful resource to take a natural approach to keeping our families healthy.

I do admit, however, it did bother me to know some of the oils purchased that evening were sitting on a shelf. Untouched. How can I help those people realize the value of the oils and help them incorporate the oils into every day uses? I pondered that for quite awhile until one day it hit me. How many of those women enjoy scented candles? Or bath salts? Foot scrubs? Body wash? I would guess just about all of them. And what better fragrance and ingredient for those items than an essential oil? Along with the beautiful aromas, the healing properties are limitless. I ran the idea past my friend (crazy oil lady, Deneeka!) and she too was thinking along the same lines. (My husband and I call those road signs!) So we made a few homemade candles and lotions to share with our friends. The feedback was fantastic!

And in February 2016, that was the beginning of Naturally Inspired Scents!

Our goal since then is to educate on the benefits of the oils, and help blend the essential oils

into every day uses. We offer handcrafted products on our website, as well as Amazon ant Etsy. We also enjoy sharing our products at several local farmer's markets around the Houston area. Check our calendar for the next event and stop by!

If you’re curious about the oils, don’t be afraid to try them. Experimenting is the best way to see which aromas you like best, and which oils your body responds best to. I do recommend using a quality oil, particularly the certified, pure therapeutic grade oils. That means all natural and no fillers. The purest form of the oil available. And while they can be a bit more expensive, a little goes a long way and you won't use nearly as much as the cheaper brands with lots of filler. Remember, you get what you pay for.

And if you're like most busy moms, you'll appreciate our hand-crafted products that make it easy to identify which blend to use. Have a kid with allergies? Use our "Allergy Blend". Want to help your daughter concentrate at school or during homework? Use our "Focus Blend". Our products are easily identifiable. And did I mention all natural? As a mom, it doesn't get much easier than that! See for yourself at

You can also give us a shout on Facebook. We’d love to get to know you!

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