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You Want Me To Do What?!

When I talk about our Naturally Inspired Scents products and have someone try one of our oil blends, oftentimes I tell them to apply the oil to the bottoms of their feet. More often than not I get the raised eyebrow and the quizzical look as if I’ve lost my mind. And then I explain.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and our feet are connected to the rest of our body. As such there are actually many reasons why our feet are the most logical place to apply essential oils:

First, our feet are one of the strongest places on our body. They support the weight of our bodies, not to mention everything we carry around with us each and every day. They also tend to be more calloused and less sensitive, compared to other parts of our skin, easily tolerating some of the hot oils such as oregano without fear of burning sensation.

Also, the soles of our feet contain some of the largest pores on our body, allowing the oils to be absorbed into our system very quickly. In less than a minute in most cases. Now that’s fast!

And most importantly, reflexology! Aside from the great foot rub, applying oils according to most reflexology charts is an effective and efficient way to provide relief for many of our body’s ailments. The tips of our toes represent the brain and head. The next two toes represent the eyes, and the last two the ears. When looking at the entire sole, the top is our chest, the middle is our stomach and digestive systems, and the heel is the rectum, knees and sciatic nerve. The diagram below shows just how intricate our body system is. It’s really rather remarkable, isn’t it?!

By understanding what a vital role our feet play in our stature and overall function of our body system, it should come as no surprise that I offer this important tip: cover your feet! I personally love to be barefoot. Inside, outside, doesn’t matter. Shoes have simply always been a nuisance to me. And then I started to really think. If the oils are absorbed that quickly into our skin (which is a good thing!) just imagine what not-so-good things are absorbed as well. Yuck!

Always remember… if you take care of your feet, your feet will take care of you!

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