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A story of healing


my passion

Several years ago I was introduced to essential oils. I loved the aromas, was intrigued by the concept, and wanted to support my friend's business so I bought a couple of the most versatile oils - lemon, lavender and peppermint.  And then, like many impulse purchases, bottles sat on my shelf. Untouched. I was on board with the whole 'natural' concept but looking back I realize I really didn't know exactly how to use them effectively and how they would truly benefit me.

Not long after that purchase, I was diagnosed with skin cancer on my arms and legs. Treatment was a topical ointment I refer to as "chemo cream". Just as the name suggests, it attacked the cancer from the outside in, causing third-degree burns on my arms and legs. It was a severe reaction to say the least.  My doctor wanted to give me another cream to treat the burns. After one application it made it worse.  My doctor wanted to prescribe a different ointment. I looked at my oozing, bubbling skin and said "No thanks, Doc. I got this." I definitely did not want yet another harsh chemical on my body causing even more issues. I was taking charge of my own treatment. 

My mind flashed back to those oils on my shelf. I began to research which oils would help soothe and repair my skin. As I read more and more it became clear that lavender should be my go-to oil as it heals skin and soothes anxiety, along with so many other issues. Just what I needed! The oils I purchased are pure and concentrated, therefore a little goes a long way. I mixed  a few drops of lavender with some coconut oil and applied to my skin. The soothing was instant, and the healing was quickly under way. Hallelujah! 

Since that time I have found so many ways specific oils and blends have helped to improve the health of my family. And clearly I wasn't the only one not using the oils effectively, so now we share those benefits with others in our natural, handcrafted product. We took the guesswork out of using the oils! For allergies, aching muscles, indigestion and much, much more it is refreshing to have natural alternatives rather than man-made chemicals and synthetic products.


And the best part? I love when people ask me if we have a product that will help their specific issue. If we do, we share it. If we don't, we research it and create it. It has become my passion to share the benefits of essential oils and natural health and wellness products with others. 


Another special perk? This has truly become a family project.  I have the pleasure of working side by side with my mom, Judy, as we both take pride in creating and sharing the benefits of nature's best gifts.  My husband, Dave, has a passion for roses and shares his beautiful, fragrant roses to be used in our products. And our children, Jared and Jordan, help package and deliver orders. I love my family and sincerely appreciate their support on this journey. 



Michele FARBER Sanders
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